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"Escape from Reality, Embrace Your Imagination"

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Frazetta’s Costumes, for over 30 years, has been a must-visit destination and shopping experience for costumes, Halloween-themed décor,  creative ideas, and fantasy-inspired pieces for the serious collector. A paragon to the imagination, Frazetta’s Costumes has unique items displayed over every square inch of the store.


From the minute you arrive at the entrance and are greeted by window displays that bring dreams to life, you realize you are about to enter a store unlike any other. As you climb the stairs to the second floor emporium, life-size character figures guide your way as paintings seemingly come to life on the walls. As you walk through the costume shop’s doors, animated figures ignite into motion – filling you with shock, fear and delight.

Our History

"We just visited Frazetta Fantasy Costumes on Friday and I was blown away at how familiar the artwork on the wall was. Frank Frazetta illustrated everything from Buck Rogers to album covers. What a national treasure! Lots of really great costumes!"

- Dickey's Barbeque Pit

With thousands of costume choices, accessories, and for-rent character items at your command, shopping Frazetta’s allows you the chance to become whoever you want to be. Or take advantage of décor items both large and small to energize and awaken the horror in your Halloween home display or large-scale Haunted House.

So much to choose from

Owned by Bill Frazetta, son of the legendary fantasy illustrator and artist Frank Frazetta, Frazetta’s Costumes is an unparalleled creative resource. Bill’s discerning eye for quality, and unlimited imagination in all things horror and fantasy, are captured in the uniqueness of this store. Inspired by his father’s intuitive approach to fantasy artistry and eye for detail, Bill strives for perfection in all areas of his business. From his relationships with customers, to his store layout and design, to his custom horror creations – Bill spares no detail to make the unimaginable and unbelievable real.


A fan of horror and fantasy himself, Bill draws upon his iconic favorites in the genre to spark his keen professional eye for everything in Frazetta’s  Costumes. Whether it be his old-school favorites – the Universal Horror Films, Hunchback of Notre Dame, or Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein – or the modern day classics of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Exorcist, artistic influences on Bill are tangible in the store.


Visit Frazetta’s  Costumes for yourself and allow it to capture your imagination and creativity.


Bill Frazetta follows in his father's footsteps

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