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"Escape from Reality, Embrace Your Imagination"

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Frazetta’s Costumes provides shocking props that bring fear and horror to your friends, family and co-workers. Props are realistic and some animated.

Frighten your friends with convincing costume props!

"Thank you for making our Halloween Party the scariest ever!!"

- Jennifer T.

Our props will make your haunted house the best around. Indoor and outdoor props and decorations designed to scare. We have props that come alive!  And party lighting for a variety of  themes.

Have the scariest house in town!

Owner Bill Frazetta has operated Frazetta’s Costumes for over 30 years. His unlimited imagination for horror and fantasy are captured in the uniqueness of the store.


From horror to children’s parties, enjoy fantasy brought to life with just the right decorations. We provide decorations for every holiday and occasion.


Do you have an unlimited imagination?

Get props that'll be sure to scare the neighbors! Call:


Mom and child skeletons Skeleton and small props Berserker The Death Dealer